Mercator London - Mark

Mercator was founded in 1995 by Mark, a physicist with a joy for exploring the world and all things mechanical.

He setup a workshop in London, and brought together a skilled team of silversmiths and engineers to create unique, luxury accessories - engineering every small detail.

Peter and Sundeep, both product designers, joined the team soon after, and now manage the London design studio.

Mercator London Design

Over the years, Mercator has grown.  Now working with a number of European luxury brands, Mercator has built its own medium-scale production facility in Asia, where Mark is now based.



It began with a simple idea over lockdown in 2020 – inspired by SpaceX, we wanted to create something to celebrate this new age in space exploration.

We’re not rocket engineers, but we do know how to make a Pen!

So, we decided to create Nominal – the most complex writing instrument we’ve designed to date - A precision-engineered desk pen with a playful mechanical movement.


We launched NOMINAL on Kickstarter and, thanks to the incredible support from their community, we were able to fund it successfully.


Since, it has continued to grow in popularity and we now hope to share NOMINAL with the wider community of Space fans.


Our mission: to create a playful range of Space-inspired, over-engineered, everyday accessories.