Space-inspired, precision engineered, everyday accessories.

Discover our NOMINAL Pen and matching range of accessories, from London based design studio Mercator.

Falcon 9 Style Retracting Legs

Four retracting legs operate by simply twisting the body of the pen – allowing for a soft landing on your desk.

34 Individual Components

Made of 34 individual components, most of which are CNC-machined to precision in 316L stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium.

Featured Products

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NOMINAL Heat Shield Keyring – Compatible with Apple AirTag
NOMINAL Pen - Dark Gunmetal

Mercator London

Design is what took us from cave paintings to Space Rockets. It’s that desire for harmony and adventure that seems to drive us to create new things and dream up revolutionary ideas. Whether those new things are superficial and trivial or transformational, they are all part of the journey. Design has built bridges and satellites, but it has also given us art, entertainment, sports stadia, creature comforts and all the things that bring flavour to living.

We are not rocket scientists nor are we creating new paths for humanity. But we are fully paid up members of those following this new and exciting journey into space. Essential things tend to become commodified and mass produced to the point where they can lose their soul. Processes and materials are often streamlined to create the absolute minimum of a viable product; a highly optimised supply chain and branding then help it jump the last hurdle into a consumers shopping basket. In truth, this optimisation has never sat easy with us – to remove the quirky touches and craftsmanship, we feel is to lose the reason for creating the product in the first place. “How can we make this more fun, more memorable, more human?” is our starting point.

For us, quality, precision and service are paramount. We not only want to sell a product, we want our customers to build a bond with it, to value it.  We worry about the quality of the materials as well as the optimal processes we need to work them – the precision machining, the grinding, the forming and the final hand finishing.  Efficient engineering and inspired design works hand in hand to bring out the inherent strength of the materials.  There are far cheaper materials we could use but we would lose quality and precision and so would compromise the whole essence of the product.  The gifting market is important in this luxury goods sector, so we want treasured items to remain beautiful and functional long after they have been given. Using high quality, durable materials that are precision machined helps with their natural resilience against damage.  The environment and preserving it for generations to come means a lot to us and we consider this very carefully when designing all of our work - including packaging.

This way of working is perfectly captured in the Nominal Pen – the product with which we launched the company. It was inspired by Elon Musk’s SpaceX programme - more specifically, the Falcon 9 rocket.

This remarkable feat of engineering behind the Falcon 9 will completely change the way we travel to space – reusing the majority of the rocket time and again not only brings down the cost barrier to entry but it also drastically reduces the amount of time and materials hitherto lost on each launch. The Space Shuttle program started the ball rolling with reusable vehicles and rockets, but after splashing down in the ocean or touchdown at Edwards or the SLF, most components had to be stripped down and rebuilt before they could be reused. With Falcon 9, the rocket itself deploys four legs at its base and uses its own thrust to settle back down to earth with precision, ready for rapid re-use.

When we saw this happen for the first time, we knew we had our first product – the one that helped launch us. With the basic concept in mind, we set about building prototype pens that not only imitated the feet, but also had a host of other features that would raise a cheeky smile when used.

We were also inspired by Musk’s cool approach at the very beginning of testing when some rockets exploded on launch. Counterintuitively to many of those watching, he always saw these as successes.  Designers naturally understood exactly what he meant – they are necessary steps on the journey (albeit it rather expensive ones!). Releasing designs into the wild throws up unexpected forces, challenges and usages that test the piece to destruction. If, step by step, you can eliminate all of these, you end up with a product that’s built to last.

This is how our journey has started.  We know that we will not change the world, but spreading genuine warmth, connection and an appreciation of Luxury Engineering into our work is what matters to us.